Beginner Spanish Folder

Over the Christmas period the kids watched the Usborne First Fun with Spanish DVD a lot.  It is a very simple DVD but the kids enjoy it and they picked up lots of Spanish words just from watching it. Pink actually informed us that she is no longer happy being bilingual she now wants to be trilingual.  Luckily my hubbie is very good with languages and encourages the kids a lot but I have to admit it is a challenge for me I am already falling behind the kids in the Spanish words that they have learnt.

So we thought it would be good to start making a lapbook as a point of reference (not sure if it is more for me so I can refer back to it when the kids inform me that the Spanish word for x is …..)  Pink and I started making a lapbook but Blue asked if we could rather make it into a folder.  He really liked his dinosaur folder and wanted something similar for the Spanish.  So Spanish folder it is.

We used these basic card folders.

basic card folder

I included the following for now (the idea is that as we learn more so I will include more in the folder)

We started with the Spanish colour word cards  (FREE download from Twinkl).

Spanish colours

I included the Spanish number mat 0-20  (gold on Twinkl) as both kids already know the numbers up to 10 (Thank you Go Diego Go) so I thought this would be good for us to learn the numbers from 11 to 20.

Spanish numbers

We also had to include the FREE farm animal word mat.  We are currently learning these words (well to be honest my daughter is I am battling to remember these).

Spanish farm animals

And for now the last cards where these FREE Spanish Days of the week loop cards.  I cut them out and put them inside a small bag so the kids could match the correct Spanish word with the correct English word.

Spanish English days of the week

Very basic but fingers crossed it might help my daughter is her quest to become trilingual and it might help me try to keep up with my daughter.

Spanish folder

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