Dinosaur Lapbook, Dinosaur Folder

Last week we made a very basic Dinosaur Lapbook for Blue.  Blue will be 4 years old in 2 weeks time but he is determined that he must be given school work with his sister so I was hoping that the Dinosaur lapbook with some number puzzles and some cards to sort into carnivore and herbivore would do the trick.  I have only used Twinkl resources for his lapbook/ folder as I was trying to help some of the lovely people at Twinkl get some ideas on how their resources can be used for lapbooks.  And I am very excited to say they are going to be producing their very first lapbook pack on Dinosaurs.  And here is the link Twinkl Dinosaur Lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook

He loved his lapbook but he really wanted to carry it around while he played and some of the cards kept falling out.  So I thought I would redo it.  Initially I was just going to change the pouches where the cards are kept to be more like envelopes but then I decided to rather make it a Dinosaur folder.  This way my son can just slot his different cards and even his tracing page in the folder, he can carry it around and he now manages to store it in his bookcase.

Dinosaur folder

Here is some of what we have included inside his Dinosaur folder (they are all part of the gold package on Twinkl).

Dinosaur Scene Word Mat

Dinosaur Scene mat

Dinosaur Arial View  including some of the Dinosaur Stick Puppets

Dinosaur on background

Dinosaur number puzzles

Dinosaur number puzzle

Dinosaur Letter tracing page

Dinosaur trace letters

We also used the Dinosaur vocab poster (gold package)to make our own Dinosaur cards.

Dinosaur vocab

Twinkl have also produced lovely Label the Dinosaur pages to go with the Lapbook.  My kids love labelling worksheets and these ones look like they will be winners.

I have also included some Dinosaur colouring pages and stickers for him.


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