Finger painting Dinosaurs

Both my kids love painting but they like to use their paint brushes, they have never been that keen on finger painting.  However I have found with my daughter if I show her how to do an animal with finger painting then she will give it a go.  So to go with our new Dinosaur folder that we finished this week I thought we could try to paint some Dinosaurs.

We started off with just a small circle for the head and a bigger one for the body.

Dino step 1

Then we added the legs, the neck and tail and left it to dry for a bit (well you are suppose to do that but my kids just wanted to finish them).

Dino step 2

Dinosaur step 2

Once it had dries we used a different colour to add some details (for some of the smaller details the kids did use some ear buds).  And yes the kids are painting in their PJ’s (my son was not feeling well).

Finger painting

Dinosaur finger painting

Dino finger painting 2

Dinosaur finger painting 2

dino finger paintingSorry if I went a bit overboard with all the photos but just love the way they turned out.


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1 Response to Finger painting Dinosaurs

  1. KirbyG says:

    These are adorable! Will definitely try them soon.


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