Percy the Park Keeper

Blue finally discovered the Percy the Park Keeper books (written by Nick Butterworth).  We have some of the books around the house as Pink loves any story that involves kind animals but until recently Blue was not that interested.  Now every night for the last 3 weeks Blue has been chosing two Percy stories for his bed time. (The stories are lovely and the pictures are sweet). Our favourite is Percy’s Park – A Year in Percy’s Park
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So no big surprise I thought it would be good to include some Percy activities into our home learning.


The kids love playing guess the animal game with us.  One of the kids will describe an animal and then we need to guess what it is.  There are a number of different woodland animals in the Percy stories so I thought we would try guess the animal but using cards that Pink had to read.  Pink did really well and I only had to help with two of the tricky words.


And of course you can not guess the animal without going to find the matching toy animal (Blue loves joining in).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are very simple cards but I am attaching the word document in case anyone else would like to use them.

Percy the Park Keeper Guess the animal

We also used the design a garden / design a park template from Twinkl.  This was a huge success with both the kids getting involved.  They discussed where the best place for a bench would be and if the flowers should be near the tree or the pond.  We downloaded these templates as part of the Percy the Park Keeper Role Play Pack from Twinkl (FREE to download).

Percy garden design 2


Pink also wrote some sentences about the characters in the book.  I printed of the Park Word Mat  (Twinkl FREE) for her to use but she actually ended up using one of her Percy books to find the words that she was battling to spell.  I was really happy to see her paging through the book looking for words and phrases to write.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe lovely lined paper that we used is Pink’s favourite it is from activity village.

I found these lovely Percy the Park Keeper animals to do with the kids on Damson Lane.  But the Christmas bug seems to have landed and our craft area is now a Christmas card making station.  Anyway I am keeping them and I am sure at some stage we will get around to making them, they look lovely.

percy the park keeper, activities include design your own park, match the animals and writing




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  1. Thank you for sharing your blog post on my facebook page. It is lovely to see what learning has been happening in your home. I love how you have extended the learning beyond the book using fabulous hands-on activities.

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