Baking Shortbread biscuits with the kids

Pink has been reading the Katie in Scotland book recently and wanted to make some shortbread biscuits like they eat in the book.   Lucky for me my mom had a lovely recipe for shortbread biscuits so a rainy morning inside ment a perfect opportunity to give it a go.

The recipe is actually very simple (On our first attempt I actually halved the quantities as I was not sure if the kids would eat them but they loved them).

  • 460g butter
  • 130g icing sugar
  • 120 corn starch (Maizena in South Africa)
  • 340 g cake flour
  • 1g salt

Cream the butter and the icing sugar together (My kids do all the mixing but I do have a quick check to make sure it is all mixed together properly)


Sift the dry ingredients (the original recipe says you do this 4 times but with the kids we only did this once)

Mix spoonfuls of the dry ingredients into the butter mixture slowly mixing (loved the teamwork here – blue added the dry mixture while big sister mixed it).

Shortbread mixing

Bake in a greased pan at 180C for around 20 mins.  Be careful not to overbake

Cut into fingers and when cooled sprinkle with some icing sugar (this is great for kids who are hesitant to get their hands messy – Baking has really helped Pink with this).

shortbread biscuitsAnd enjoy (I thought they went perfectly with a nice cup of tea).

Shortbread Biscuits 2

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