The Owl’s lesson and Owl Babies

Pink is still reading the Owl Babies story over and over.  So when a recent trip to our local Oxfam store resulted in us finding a copy of this sweet Percy the Park Keeper story called The Owls Lesson and at only 99 p for the book it naturally made its way into our shopping basket.  It is a lovely story about how Percy and his friends find a nest with a little bird inside who had not learnt to fly yet and so could not join his family as they migrated.  Naturally Percy and his friends set out to teach the little bird how to fly and eventually they succeed and the bird goes off to join the migration.

A lovely little story book which naturally lead to us discussing why birds migrate as well as which animals migrate which ones hibernate and which ones adapt.  We had some pictures from 3 Dinosaurs Zoo and woodland packs left over so we cut some of those out and we started diving them onto 3 different pages – one for Migration, one for hibernation and one for animals that adapt.  Pink asked me to make her some labels so I quickly typed those up and made her 3 pages with titles on top and she finished her pages.  Very quick and simple.

hibernatewinter animals

She then reminded me that we still had not done an Owl word poster.  So while the kids got back to their new construction play area I started drawing her an owl outline to use.  But then an email conversation I had with someone recently came to mind.  My friend told me that she hates reading posts where the person says “just draw a simple template”.  Apparently my friends said it makes her want to shout at the computer  “I can not draw a simple template”.  So I thought I would have a quick look on the computer and see how easy it is it find a simple template to use.  I found 2 FREE ones that we liked.  There are some lovely templates on Activity village – autumn templates – and they have an owl which you could use.  Or the ones that we used are actually the colouring in pages on Twinkl for Owl Babies (Part of their Paid for Classic package).  I choose these pages as this book is currently one of Pink’s favourite books to read.  I cut out the 3 outlines for the 3 Owls – Percy, Sarah and Bill and gave them to Pink for her to start writing her words.

Owl babies poster

I also gave her the Owl Babies word mat (Part of  Twinkl’s paid for Classic package).  She actually did not need the word mat but it seems to give her confidence to do the poster by herself.

Owl BabiesAfter she had finished writing her words she sneaked off to get some stickers and added a moon and some stars to her poster.  I am loving that these word posters that we have been doing are giving her more and more confidence with her spelling.

Owl Babies 2

A friend asked so here are the very simple hibernation, migration pages

Migrate hibernate Adapt

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