Construction play area

We have a new sensory play area and the kids are loving it.

Construction play

The blue mat is actually their large art messy mat, my attempt at trying to contain some of the excess sand.  I cut open some old Amazon boxes and we emptied out our bean tub into one (our beans are largely a mix of kidney beans, butter beans, red beans and some corn).

construction 3

I also added some lolly sticks and art match sticks from the art trolley, their wooden blocks, some water beads on a tray, some green shredded paper, some sand, our construction vehicles and a few labels.  I am sure that as the kids play with this area they will naturally add a few of their own goodies.

The labels I actually downloaded as part of my preparation for our next book study – The 3 little pigs (we are going to look at the different types of houses that the pigs built).  After laminating the words over the weekend I realised a number of the words would fit in with this construction area so I added them to see how many Pink would be able to read. Building site words (Twinkle platinum package)

Construction words

This morning as soon as Blue woke up he climbed into my bed for his cuddle and asked “can we go play with the diggers?”  Still in their PJ’s both kids dived in and had a blast.

Construction 2 And yes some of the sand has managed to creep off the blue mat but that is what hand-held vacuum cleaners were built for (well the one in our house anyway).

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3 Responses to Construction play area

  1. This construction play looks like great fun!!


  2. Meaghan says:

    This looks like so much fun. I love how you set up this area. Very inspiring.


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