Mommy wars – why ?

I do not use the word HATE often but I am using it now – I HATE these mommy wars.  And I think the main reason is I do not understand why we have them.

I gave birth to my first child naturally – I screamed my way through the labour and even thought I screamed I wanted my second to also be natural but due to concerns he was born via a C-section.  I desperately wanted to breast feed both my children but after months of struggling we ended up spending a small fortune on specialised formula.  I never thought I would co-sleep with my kids but my eldest was is such pain and the only way I could settle her was if she was curled up on my chest, and even then for the first 18 months of her life she never slept for much longer than 25 mins at a time.  I never planned on Homeschooling but my incredible, clever, gentle, kind, friendly daughter finds a classroom very overwhelming and just shuts down.

Lots of the things that have happened after I fell pregnant where not what I had planned but they where a result of me loving my children and doing what we thought was best for them.  Our choices are not going to suit other families but why should they ?  My children are individuals, they are different to their cousins, their friends, to your kids – don’t we want that ?  I am different to my friends and to whoever is reading this.  And that is okay.  What suits one family will not suit another family.  And that is okay.  Isn’t the most important thing that we love our children and that we do what we think is best for them ?


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3 Responses to Mommy wars – why ?

  1. Andy Lawrence says:

    Totally agree, if God wanted us to be the same he would use a robot factory. He didn’t but muddled up our genes, and some extra-special customisation and…wow, He made us for unique and special purposes. Is it really a surprise we are NOT found in parenting textbooks.


  2. another mom says:

    That photo could win a competition…..stay true to yourself and be strong… are doing an excellent job!
    If every one was the same how boring that would be.


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