Children’s Dinosaur books

Over the weekend as my kids where sitting on the couch reading their dinosaur books I realised just how many we have collected.  So these are our all time favourite books about Dinosaurs.

Dino books

Our very first dinosaur book was purchased when Pink was just 2.5 years old and wanted to know the names of the different dinosaurs (I had no idea of what they where back then).  We found this lovely book in a little bookstore back in South Africa – Say Hello to the Dinosaurs by Ian  Whybrow and Tim Warnes.  It is not scary, the graphics are brilliant and the words just roll off your tongue, even now whenever my daughter sees a Diplodocus she repeats the phrase from the book – “your Diplodocus I suppose”.  I Can not recommend this book enough for little ones. (the picture below is the Triceratops page – the pictures of the Dinosaurs are textured which adds to this wonderful book)

Say hello to the Dinosaurs

Pinks other favourite Dinosaur fiction story is the book Katie and the Dinosaurs by James Mayhew (affiliate link).  We love the Katie series and this one does not disappoint.  Katie and her Granny go to visit the Natural History museum in London and while her granny is taking a nap Katie goes exploring and discovers some living dinosaurs in one of the rooms.

Katie and the Dinosaurs

Blue being the typical car crazy boy loves the series Dinosaur Zoom, Dinosaur Dig and Dinosaur Rescue books by Penny Dale.  We bought these as a set from the bookpeople and it was well worth the money.  I think most little boys would love these.

Dinosaur Zoom

We have a number of dinosaur reference books in our house.  Most have been bought second-hand from our local charity shops. Out of all the book we have ever read on Dinosaurs our 2 favourite non-fiction children’s books remain the same.   See inside the world of Dinosaurs – an usborne flap book and The Great Dinosaur Search also by Usborne.

Dinosaur usborne

The graphics in both books are brilliant and they are both excellent at encouraging discussion and questions (the photos below honestly do not do the pages justice).

See inside Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Search

There are some picture of Dinosaurs eating other Dinosaurs but nothing to gory for the more sensitive readers.  We have had other books that my daughter found too gruesome but these two she enjoys paging through time and time again.

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  1. We love dinosaur books. Our favourite series is the “How do Dinosaurs…” range – particularly How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight.

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