After a recent trip to the local library both kids chose Owl books.  Pink actually choose Owl Babies to be one of her readers and Blue choose The Owl who was afraid of the dark.  Both are lovely children’s books and both have been very popular the past few weeks.  So popular that we ended up doing some extra Owl work around the books.

We first got out our Usborne beginners Owl book.  We have lots of these Usborne beginner books and so far every single book that we have bought in the series has been a huge hit with both kids.  Both the kids already know quite a bit about Owls as we did speak about Owls in some detail when we looked at Nocturnal animals.  But there is always something new to learn (like owls being Raptors).

We downloaded the Owl lapbook from Homeschool Share and we started making our very own Owl poster.

Owl posterPink had a great time cutting and pasting and chatted away while she worked.  (Always a good sign that she is enjoying her project).

Owl poster 2

She was actually a bit sad once it was finished she asked if we could make another one.

We also thought that after all our talking and reading about Owls we would try to make our very own Owl Baby.  We recently received some lovely little pine cones from Crafty Crocodiles  so we thought we would try an idea that we have seen in a number of different places on Pinterest.  We stuffed the pine cones with cotton wool and then we stuck some googly eggs on.


We also made a beak from an old bit of egg carton and used some pipe cleaners to make some wings.

owl babyPink loved this and she is slowly working on making a whole nest full of these baby owls.

We also love the look of these  Cork Owls at Happy Hooligans.  Definitely something we will be trying one of these days.

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