Pumpkin Maths !!

We have never been big on Halloween.  As a kid we never did anything for it and my eldest is not keen on anything slightly scary but my little boy is a different story.  He loves all the creepy crawlies and don’t get me started on the eyeball sweets – he thinks they are the coolest (his words).

Hence the new counting tubs.

The first one is actually Blues creepy crawly tub (green shredded paper with his new spiders, centipedes and beetles)

creepy crawliesand I just added some of the pumpkin number cards from 3 Dinosaurs.


I set out the number cards on the table and then he had to hunt for the pumpkin with the correct dots on it.  I guessed Pink would want to join in so I hide the number word cards in the tub  for her and she had to find those.

pumkin number cards

The second was some of our black beans with some pumpkin and eyeball chocolates and 2 empty egg cartoons.


The idea being that Blue could practice using the tweezers to put the eyeballs into the egg cartoon and Pink could practice her counting in 2’s by placing 2 mini chocolates (1 pumpkin and 1 eyeball) into each egg cartoon.  And she completed the counting in 2’s page which is part of the 3 Dinosaur Pumpking pack Maths update pack (see link below).  This really was a fun way to revise her counting in 2’s (need to think of something similar for her counting in 5’s revision).

Pumpkin counting in 2'sAnd lastly, Pink saw the Pumpkin addition cards and asked to do them.  She knows all of these sums already but I will never say no to one of the kids asking to practice some Maths.  So after cutting up the 3 part cards (again from the Pumpkin pack) I set out the addition cards on her table and hide the number portion in a small denim bag.

Pumpkin addition

She had to reach into the bag to get the numbers out and then match the numbers to the sum.

Pumpkin addition 1

If you are wanting some fun pumpkin themed Maths pages be sure to have a look on the 3 Dinosaurs website – all the pumpkin maths cards and pages I used above are from 3 Dinosaurs – Pumpkin Pack Maths Update


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