Number learning activities

My little boy is number mad at the moment so I thought I would put together a summary of some of the number activities that we have been doing.

Hopscotch numbers.

Blue loves using the Hopscotch mat – he will get me to shout out a number and then he will either jump onto the number or he will throw his beanbag on the number (we have also driven our cars onto the correct number).


Our Number sensory tub.

This tub is probably the second favourite tub of all time (the number one favourite seems to be the bean tub).  Blue loves digging in the beads and buttons for the numbers.  He often gets Lightning or  Mater to join in.  Pink also still loves this tub.  She still loves using the tub for her Maths.  She often writes out sums and then digs in the tub to find the correct answer. (This tub can also be used with letters we used it a lot when we where learning our sounds).

number tub

Our number peg cards.

Pink loves being given cards as part of her “school work” so Blue started asking for his own cards.  These are now his Maths cards.  So when big sister is doing Maths with me he will often sit with these peg cards (Free on Twinkl) and finish the whole tub.

peg cardspeg cards 2

Number line

I wrote the numbers on some lolly sticks and then Blue got to place them in order in his play dough.


Our Number Book

Love this number book  (free from PreK pages). Great for getting the kids to practice writing their numbers.  Blue really liked doing the stickers on each page.

number book

Making our own number sticks

The kids love these.  A while ago we made our  very own number sticks using some wooden numbers that we bought from Tesco, our lolly sticks and some stickers.  These nunber sticks are so simple to make yet the kids really seem to love them.  I think they are really proud of the fact that they made the number sticks themselves.


Our Number train

Blue is train and car mad so no big surprise this number train (FREE from Twinkl) has been a huge hit with out little man


Scaredy Cat by Orchard Toys

This is our latest game from Orchard Toys and the kids love it.  They love building the scarecrow and I often hear squeals coming from the lounge when one of them gets a cat.  This game has been great for encouraging Blue to count past 20.

If you have any other suggestions please do share I love hearing new ways to make numbers and Maths fun for the kids.

Number collage

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