Label the world – English and Afrikaans

Pink already knows the continents in English but we have been learning the oceans names and I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the Afrikaans names as well.

I used the free blank map on Twinkl (if you register with Twinkl for a free account you get access to lots of great documents to download).


I then made her some simple labels in English and Afrikaans and we used them to label her map.  We started off by using the English labels (just because she knows most of them already).


Then we put the labels on my desk and we matched our Afrikaans words to the English words, I helped her with this.


Once we had finished this she placed her Afrikaans labels on her map.


Very simple but we are noticing more and more than doing some of her lessons in her second language really helps to cement it for her

The labels we used are in the document below

World labels -eng afr



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