Role Playing fun

The past few weeks my kids have been having a blast playing cafe with the added bonus that Pink has been practicing her writing, her reading and her Maths in a fun relaxed manner.

cafeOur “Cafe” is from Ikea, the till is from ELC and the open sign and opening times sign are part of the Cafe role playing pack in Twinkl.  Both my kids had so much fun with the Cafe pack that I ended up downloading 2 other role playing packs to go with our Cafe (the healthy eating Cafe pack  and the Restaurant Role playing pack).  The three together means we now have a choice of menus which is proving great for adding different amounts together to work out our total bill.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe also have some order forms and recipes which I have laminated to the kids can keep reusing them with their whiteboard markers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe kids have two clip boards which they use and they walk around asking for our orders then Pink writes it down while Blue makes up the order.  Pink does the sums to work out what money is owed and then uses her play coins to pay for the order and work out her change.  The kids are both learning lots without even realising it, they are just playing and having fun, the best kind of learning (I do not have lots of photos as I do not want to disturb the play)

On one of our recent playdates Pink and her friend were given some of the pages from the Vet pack.  My daughter and her friend spent the entire morning playing vets with their soft animals.  The wrote out the order of the animals appointments and filled in the Pet detail sheets, they fixed the animals with bandages and special cream.


And no big surprise Blue has now also become a Vet, my only complaint is that my couch has become the vets office and is now constantly covered with their toy animals, but happy kids learning and having fun is more important, I just need to find somewhere else to sit and drink my tea.


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