Mix of word activities that we have been doing

We have been doing a bit of a mix of word work lately but somehow it all seems to be coming together.  Blue has is going through that stage where he thinks everyone is a HE (Pink did the same around this age she thought everyone was a SHE) so I thought I would use this as an excuse to revisit some of the male verses female words with Pink.  I made this very simple printout where she had to cut out the words and stick them on the correct page – one page has a small picture of a girl and one has a small picture of a boy.  Pink always enjoys doing some cutting and sticking so I knew this would be a hit.  BOY Verses GIRL download.



We have also been doing some more of the spelling pages that she asked for.  This one is just a general one page of nature words. On her first attempt she did make a few mistakes but it was because she was trying to use her phonic sounds to spell the words.


We have been updating our calender cards and paying particular attention to the day of the week words.  So I made her some colouring in pages to go with these.  These seem to be helping as she is getting much better at reading her days of the week.  Days of week coluring page.


She has also been going through the Colour word Dot marker pages that 3 Dinosaurs did – she loves these.


Oh and out of the blue yesterday I noticed that she was following when I was reading them a story.  I used the incorrect word and she stopped me, pointed to the word and told me what it was.  I think I have a backseat reader now !!!

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