Rainbow cupcakes

The kids wanted to bake this morning and with us moving in a weeks time most of the non-essential stuff is in the process of being packed so I cheated a bit and used a cake mixture.    Once we had our cake mixture ready we divided it into 4 bowls and added our colours – we used red, blue, yellow and green but you could use any colours.  A Tip – do not be scared about adding the food colouring, the first time we did this we did not add enough and the colours on the cupcakes where not that great.


Then the fun really began.  I let the kids decide how to combine the colours for the cupcakes.  Pink was determined that each cupcake needed a bit of each colour and did her best to ensure that but Blue well all he wanted was Blue cupcakes.   I have to admit that it did get a bit messy but both kids really enjoyed spooning out the mixture and fulling up the muffin tray that I had given them.



And the end result a very tasty treat.


This was such a fun baking experience for both my kids and I would highly recommend trying it, we will be doing this again.

We have also been making other rainbow cupcakes

I gave the kids a basic template of 2 large cupcakes each and the painted and cut them out.


The after the paint had dried we got out our pom poms and stickers to decorate.  Such a simple but fun art activity for the kids.



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1 Response to Rainbow cupcakes

  1. frogotter says:

    Great fun!
    I don’t think there’s any harm in using cake mixes from time to time. It can speed up prep and cleaning for the grownup without losing any appeal for the kids.


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