Revision of sh, ch, th, wh

I believe in revisiting and revisiting and then revisiting some more what the kids learn at this age.  I think it is really important to make sure that the basic building blocks of their language skills and maths are solid.

Pink loves her word searches and word maizes so I made a few to go with the revision.  The first page is a sound search of wh, th, ch and sh.  She did this quite quickly but I thought it was a good reminder.  The following pages focus on a sound per page.  On each page she had to identify all the words that contained the sound at the top of the page.  These pages ended up taking her a lot longer than I thought but it was because she took her time and ended up reading all of the words – so that was good reading practice.


Download :  Word searches sh, th, ch and wh

After we finished these pages we tried a spelling sheet that I had made focusing on the sh, th, ch and wh sounds.  She seemed to enjoy these so I think I may be making more like these in the future.   Download :  Spelling sheet sh, th, ch and wh

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are about the to teach these sounds to your little one be sure to check out my earlier post about making sound flowers

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