Beans Beans and more beans and then some more again.

The first time I made a bean sensory tub was over a year ago and was for the sole purpose of getting Pink to dig out hidden treasures and hence work on her spd.  Over a year ago and our tub of beans has taken on a life of its own.  Different beans and pulses have been added and I noticed the other day that the kids have even added some rice (where they got it from I am not entirely sure).


So a bunch of you are probably thinking a tub of beans – what ?  why ?  how can that be fun?

Yes a year ago I thought that but now I know differently.  My kids have driven their trains and cars through the beans,


they have used the beans as cargo for their trucks,


they have used the beans as play rocks and stones on the side of their train track,


they have used the beans as pretend ingredients for their pretend cake baking, they have feed their toy animals the beans and I could go on and on and on.

We have also used the tub of beans for art.  On a number of occasions I have placed a big splashmat on the floor, put our tub of beans in the middle and placed paper and glue next to the beans and watched the kids as they create their works of art.


Yes it often ends up being a big mess and I often am not 100% sure what they are making, but they are kids, they are having fun and they are being creative and all without it breaking the bank.



And don’t forget a tub of beans is great for sorting.  My kids love getting containers out of the kitchen and they will sort the beans into the different containers, we have often used tweezers for this (great fine motor activity).  An old egg carton is also great for this.

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