Learning the alphabet

We have been following the Jolly Phonics program where they introduce the kids to the sounds of the letter and only much later teach them the names and the order of the letters in the alphabet.

Pink is a fan of the Cbeebies program Squiggler letters.  In this program there is a alphabet song which she loves and she learnt it just be watching the program (Big bonus when TV time actually ends up teaching them something).

So she already knew the names and the order when it came time for her to learn them as part of the Jolly Phonics program.  However me being me we did a number of activities to ensure that she understood the names of the letters and the order.

Firstly we used our letter magnets on the magnetic board and put them all in the correct order (warning this can be a bit testing if you have a younger sibling trying to join in).

We also got out letter stickers out and used them to make our own alphabet


Pink loves any activity that involves stickers so this was a big winner.  We also sometimes use the stickers to practice our spelling.

And naturally we needed to include a home drawn worksheet.  I wrote some of the letters in some of the butterflies but left gaps so that she had to fill in the missing letters.


She really loved the hand drawn worksheet and has already requested that I do another for this week but instead of butterflies wants cupcakes.

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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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