Tricky Word Fun

Pink has been coming along really well with her reading but I have noticed that there are a few words that she tends to mix up.  Here / Where / There are the main 3 words that she can get a bit confused with.  When she stops to sound them out she is okay but when she is trying to read a story she can get them muddled up.  So I saw this great idea on Pinterest where one of the mom’s wrote out the alphabet on pieces of paper and as she called out the letter the kids would jump on the correct letter, just a bit of modification and we had our tricky word jump game.


I just wrote a number of words out on A3 paper and as I said the word Pink would jump onto the correct word.  After a while we changed it up and as she jumped on the word she had to shout out the word.  Little brother loved this and joined in so there was big laughter.  We also tried a version where we had to throw our small bean bags onto the correct word.  Again this was a big hit.


This worked so well that we will definitely be doing this again with some other words.

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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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