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I also have SPD and I am Okay

I often write about how SPD affects my kiddies and our family but I have never written about the fact that I also have SPD.  So here is a very personal post. I spent a lot of my childhood in … Continue reading

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Counting and sensory tubs with some cauldron fun

I am trying to include more tactile activities especially with my youngest so today we used some sensory tubs while we practiced our counting. I started off  with the kids mixed bean tub (this tub actually stays in the kids … Continue reading

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My SPD kiddies really battle with transition

Transition for this SPD mommy is often the final straw that breaks my back.  If you are a mummy with SPD kiddies you probably know all about transition but for those of you who are wondering – “What is this … Continue reading

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Ballet Show and Hama Bead coasters

This past weekend my daughter participated in 2 ballet shows.  She loves her ballet and was very excited but we knew beforehand that the weekend was going to be a sensory overload weekend for her.  I wanted her to prove … Continue reading

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Sorry my sensory child needs a home day

A phrase I often dread having to say – “sorry we can not make it today my kids need a day at home to relax.”  As a mom of 2 kids with sensory processing disorder this is often followed by … Continue reading

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