Counting and sensory tubs with some cauldron fun

I am trying to include more tactile activities especially with my youngest so today we used some sensory tubs while we practiced our counting.

I started off  with the kids mixed bean tub (this tub actually stays in the kids room as they are constantly playing with it).  The beans are a mix of corn, kidney beans, red beans and butter beans.  For this exercise I also add the kids magnetic numbers and the 0 to 20 Free cauldron number cards from Twinkl.

Beans sensory tub with magnetic numbers and our Free Twinkl number cardsI also added some craft pom poms to a smaller tub which we have filled with black beans.

Black bean tub with some craft pom poms added in. ofamilyblogThe idea being that my son would select a number cauldron card and then find the correct matching magnetic letter in the bean tub.

Free 0-20 numbers of cauldron from Twinkl with our magnetic numbers on ofamilyblogHe would then have to dig in the black bean tub to find the Pom Poms and count out the correct number of Pom Poms.

Counting out the pom poms to add as ingredients to the cauldronOnce he was finished he would add the Pom Poms that he had counted out to his cauldron (the Pom Poms are his pretend ingredients that needed to go into his cauldron).  And if big sister wanted to join us, she could keep a running total of how many ingredients he had added to the cauldron.  He loved this and she did want to join it (so win win all around).

Big sister keeping a running total of the ingredients added to tthe cauldronI was actually surprise by how long he kept at this.  He was digging his hands into the tub to find the magnetic numbers and the Pom Poms without any complaints.

I think we might extend this idea next week to include one more and one less.  After he chooses the card and selects the Pom Poms I could ask him how many Pom Poms he would have if he added one or took one away.  And we could also extend it to which number is greater.  If I got him to select two cards and count out the Pom Poms for both cards I could then ask him which number has more Pom Poms and which number has fewer Pom Poms.

Counting, sensory tubs and some cauldron fun on ofamilyblog

I was busy making him another sensory tub to use with his phonics and a few basic CVC words but I ran out of goodies, hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to complete it and fingers crossed it will be as succesful.

Counting fun with numbers, cauldrons and sensory tubs



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