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Sensory Bounce Back

My husband and I have a term in our house –  bounce back.  Sounds strange I am sure but it is the time the kids take to “bounce back” to their normal selves after a sensory overwhelming activity / day(s).  … Continue reading

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She loves to dance

This weekend was a big weekend in our little home.  My oldest danced on stage in a show.  And for the first time in three years I actually got to watch her dance and yes I cried.  My daughter loves … Continue reading

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Nine Years

Nine years ago my oldest was born.  She challenged all my pre-existing ideas that I had about being a parent.  She is kind, gently, loving, protective, smart, funny, sensitive to other people’s needs, she is an incredible daughter and the … Continue reading

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Arts and Crafts have helped my SPD kids

I am a huge believer in spending time helping SPD kiddies access arts and crafts that might possibly be “tough” on a sensory level. I believe that art and craft activities are good for all children regardless of whether they … Continue reading

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Sensory Processing Disorder is kicking my butt

Yip that totally sums it up.  Currently this thing called Sensory Processing Disorder is kicking my butt.  Because in all honesty it is HARD having 2 kids with sensory issues. When we first found out our oldest had SPD (around … Continue reading

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Including nature in your home-education life

There are a number of things that I have changed since we first started on our home-education adventure (4 years ago), some things have changed naturally as the kids grow older and can manage more activities in their days and … Continue reading

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Baking Scones is a tactile activity

Both my gorgeous kiddies are tactile defensive so from a very early age we have been using baking as an activity for them to “get their hands messy” and experiment with textures that they would normally avoid like the plague. … Continue reading

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