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Kindness that means everything

I mentioned that over the weekend my daughter danced in 2 shows.  She loves dancing but it comes with a number of challenges for her.  Part of her sensory processing makeup is that she battles to filter out background noise … Continue reading

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Decoupage Crafty Cats

We love doing arty projects but I must admit I have a few favourites and they tend to be mostly paint based.  I have never been big into decoupage – I don’t like the glue (yip exactly where my kids … Continue reading

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Swimming with my Sensory Kids

We have just gotten back from another swimming session and although I can see small improvements, they are such small steps that I find it hard to stay positive.  I never realized until I had my daughter how swimming for … Continue reading

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Sensory Inconsistencies

I think one of the hardest things for an outsider looking in on a sensory family is how inconsistent the sensory side may appear to be.  There are days when the kids will be totally fine doing an activity and … Continue reading

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Sensory Bounce Back

My husband and I have a term in our house –  bounce back.  Sounds strange I am sure but it is the time the kids take to “bounce back” to their normal selves after a sensory overwhelming activity / day(s).  … Continue reading

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She loves to dance

This weekend was a big weekend in our little home.  My oldest danced on stage in a show.  And for the first time in three years I actually got to watch her dance and yes I cried.  My daughter loves … Continue reading

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Nine Years

Nine years ago my oldest was born.  She challenged all my pre-existing ideas that I had about being a parent.  She is kind, gently, loving, protective, smart, funny, sensitive to other people’s needs, she is an incredible daughter and the … Continue reading

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