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Book sets from the Bookpeople

I mentioned in a post about 2 months ago that I like buying the kids a new book set as a Birthday and Christmas present and that I buy the book sets from the Bookpeople.  Since that post I have … Continue reading

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Winter shoes with Sensory Kids

Shoe shopping has never been a fun activity for us.  From a young ages both kids actually did not want to have the uncomfortable feeling of shoes and would take them off as soon as they could.  Which, with my … Continue reading

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Swimming with Sensory Kids

Swimming has been a major “thing” is our house forever.  Originally my two sensory kids hated the idea of swimming and I mean hated.  I have lots of memories of them screaming hysterically when we tried to go swimming and … Continue reading

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Side-steps are Good

I often worry are we doing enough ?  Are the kids making enough progress / improvement?  Sometimes it feels like instead of 3 steps forward 1 step back it is 5 steps in a totally random different direction that has … Continue reading

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Our hidden cost of Home Education

People often ask  – what does it cost to home educate ? And they normally get the frustrating answer that it can cost as little as you want or as much as you want.  It all depends on what resources … Continue reading

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Knock Knock Joke Book for the family

My daughter has always struggled with humour, she does not always understand it and as a result can get very frustrated.  So we wanted to try to help her a bit by introducing her to some jokes at home, explaining … Continue reading

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Baking and Icing

I love my home-ed mom chats, they often spur me on to do something that I may have been neglecting.  On Friday I was chatting to a home-ed mom friend and we were talking about the importance of having our … Continue reading

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