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7 Times Table Dominoes

One of the ways we practice times tables is with dominoes. Really easy but the kids always prefer matching the dominoes to completing worksheets. So because my youngest has just learnt the 7 times table I thought it was time … Continue reading

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Free Times Table Dominoes

I have mentioned a number of times that both my kids like to practice maths with dominoes – well a maths version of dominoes. Nothing fancy just match two sides of the dominoe cards together. I was recently searching for … Continue reading

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Fraction of a Number Domino Sets

I recently made my kids some new Fraction dominoes this time so they could practice calculating a fraction of a number (e.g. 2/5 of 150 – so the kids divide by the denominator (150 รท 5) and then multiple the … Continue reading

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Free Measurement Dominoes

We have been talking quite a bit about metric units for measuring length and how you convert from mm to m, cm to m or mm to cm. We did lots of hands on examples where the kids walked around … Continue reading

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