Free Times Table Dominoes

I have mentioned a number of times that both my kids like to practice maths with dominoes – well a maths version of dominoes. Nothing fancy just match two sides of the dominoe cards together.

I was recently searching for free to download times table dominoes that I could use with my son and I could not find what I wanted so I decided to take the format that I used with the fraction dominoes I made and make my own version of times table dominoes – really nothing fancy at all but it’s a way of him practicing times tables without having to do worksheets. Plus he likes to be moving when he does learning activities and dominoes allows him to move around a bit – he sometimes builds the dominoes under tables and chairs just for fun.

using his times table dominoes created by ofamily learning together

I create two different versions (although I will create more). The first was a combination of the 6 times and four times – just because the six times was the newest one he has learnt and for some reason after the summer holidays he seems to be struggling to remember the four times.

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Then I also created a set which combines – three times, four times, six times and eight times tables.

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Both sets are five pages long and contain 20 cards each.

I am attaching both downloads here.

3, 4, 6 and 8 times table colour ofamily learning together

6 and 4 times table colour v2 ofamily learning together

As always the downloads are here for anyone wanting to use them but please do be considerate and don’t go and post them on your own personal site and claim they are yours.

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