Animals Lost and Found

My son recently found this book in the local library and we both thought it was a fascinating find so I thought I would write a quick post about it.

This stunning book shines a spotlight on the amazing animals that are extinct, rediscovered, endangered and recovering. It is a great read for all kiddos who are interested in these exquisite creatures.

The book starts with a interesting 10 page introduction before it goes into the four categories in more detail. The introduction pages deal with the 6 main mass extinction events, the causes of extinction, classification, conservation and ecosystems (high level pages but great for just setting the scene).

But while the introduction pages are interesting it is the next section where the book deals with the different creatures that fall into the four categories of – extinct, rediscovered, endangered and recovering that really interested my son.

These four sections are split into double pages which feature amazing creatures. The double page includes a stunning illustration and facts about the different creatures.

I think lots of kids will be interested in the creatures included in the extinct section, and I must admit is interesting to learn about creatures that no longer walk this earth.

But my favourite section was the rediscovered creatures. I find this amazing, learning about creatures that were once thought it be extinct but have now been rediscovered. This just amazes me and it gives me hope.

After the rediscover section you also get animals that are endangered and animals that are now recovering, both of which is well worth reading.

I have to say that some of the books on conservation and animals that have gone extinct can be a bit negative and in the past my kids have read them and then come away feeling a bit depressed about the state of animals on our planet. But this one, this book had a positive feel to it, I think the fact that they included the sections called rediscovered and recovering really helps the kids to understand that not all is lost and that things can be turned around and improved.

Honestly, this book, that we very randomly discovered at the library is full of interesting creatures for kids to discover and learn about. Every member of our family has read it and found something new and interesting in these pages. We highly recommend keeping an eye out for this book.

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