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Craft Stick Home-Made Base 10

We love our Learning Resources Grooved Plastic Base Ten Starter Set (I bought ours a few years ago and it has so far been that most used Maths resources that we own).  In fact I will probably be buying some … Continue reading

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Froggy 4 times table

As part of my determination to make Maths fun I have been trying to find interesting ways to work on our times table.  We have made a few fun folding aids, we have played some jumping games and now we … Continue reading

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Multiplication and Division Flower Learning Aids

Last year when my daughter was first learning her 3 times table we made this very simple 3 times table flower.  She loved the idea and she has since made a number of them. So it was not a big … Continue reading

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Addition and Multiplication Home-made flip books

Around two and a half years ago when my daughter was learning her basic CVC words we made one of those basic CVC word books – there are lots of them on Pinterest.  You basically buy a cheap flip notebook, … Continue reading

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Working out which numbers are Greater Than.

Over the weekend while the kids were weighing their toys again (they have done this a few times and enjoy figuring out which combination of toys is heavier), I had a sudden thought what if we weighed some craft sticks … Continue reading

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