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Magic Maths game by Orchard Toys

I love finding fun educational games that the kids can play at home.  Any time the kids get to practice maths, reading or spelling in a fun way that does not involve a worksheet is a bonus for me.  Because … Continue reading

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Busy Ant Year 1 Maths activity book

My son really enjoys the idea of working alongside his older sister.  Lately she has been working through a number of Maths workbooks so naturally he wanted his own Maths workbook.  However he wanted something more like an activity workbook … Continue reading

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100 Square sum activity

I like finding fun learning activities for my youngest to do while his older sister is busy with her learning activities. (Lately she has been asking for more and more activities so I am having to come up with extra … Continue reading

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Cute spider 8 times table

I like finding patterns in maths and relating the patterns back to normal life.  I think it helps the kids understand concepts better.  So counting in 2’s or 2 times table you can use pairs of socks / counting in … Continue reading

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Basic subtraction pages

I had planned my entire week so that today I would be free (both kids were going to go out with their dad) with the intention that I could create a large subtraction pack (I was wanting to do about … Continue reading

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Building Block themed number cards

Sometimes I find something and we use it over and over and over and over again.  These building block themed number cards have been just that with my son.  They are number cards with the number represented by building block … Continue reading

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Butterfly and flower maths activity from Twinkl

I have been attempting to sort through our home-ed goodies, trying to figure out what the kids have outgrown and also attempt to get a better idea of what we might need for our “new school year” (I say that … Continue reading

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