Busy Ant Year 1 Maths activity book

My son really enjoys the idea of working alongside his older sister.  Lately she has been working through a number of Maths workbooks so naturally he wanted his own Maths workbook.  However he wanted something more like an activity workbook as opposed to his sisters maths practice books.  He wanted something a bit colourful with fun illustrations.

I had been eyeing out the Collins Busy Ant activity books for a while so I thought I would try one with him.  For my son’s year they have 3 activity books – Busy Ant Maths – Year 1 Activity Book 1A, Year 1 Activity Book 1B (Busy Ant Maths) and Year 1 Activity Book 1C (Busy Ant Maths).  To be honest I really was not sure which one I should try so I just randomly ordered 1B for him (I paid £3.25 for mine from Amazon).  I have since spoken to someone at Collins and they have confirmed that the books are written to coincide with the British school year (one book for each term).  They also told me that although all of the books will include examples of addition, subtraction, place value etc there will be some topics which are only covered in the individual book.  For example Activity book 1B is the only one that includes time.

The books are written as a revision type book and are NOT a complete Maths curriculum for home-educators.  So although he loves the book, as a home-educator I do need to give him more examples to practice with.

Busy Ant Activity book 1B one of the money problem solving pages

I have only bought my son the 1B activity book (although he is enjoying it so I probably will be getting him some more).  So based on the book that I have it is broken down like this.  The entire book has 53 pages of maths examples.  It is one concept on one page (we are not fans of the books were they cram lots of different things onto 1 page).  It covers number patterns, addition, subtraction, money solving problems,  shapes, slip counting, introduces multiplication and division, measurement, time, writing number word and introduces basic fractions.

Every page has fun illustrations to go along with the topic. Counting in 2’s have toucans and leaves, counting in 5’s are on funny looking monsters.  The illustrations are always fun and cheerful, nothing scary.

Collins Busy Ant Activity book 1B counting in 2's and counting in 5's

There is not a lot of writing required.  Often the kids draw a line matching two items together and when they do need to write a number there is enough space (my son still writes his numbers on the large size).

Collins Busy Ant activity Book 1B and example of one of the addition pages

He is enjoying his activity book.  He likes the fact that he can do a page out of his own maths book when his sister works in one of hers and he is NOT finding it boring.

Busy Ant Activity Book. The sharing pages which introduce the idea of division

For me the activity book is working well.  As a home-eduactor I use the book in two ways.  Sometimes it is revision of something we have already covered and other times it is our introduction to something new eg the sharing pages are a great starting point for bringing in division.  He wanted a fun maths workbook and this one is ticking the boxes for him.

Busy Ant Activity Book 1B

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Busy Ant Maths Activity Book.  Primary aged maths resource.  Fun, colourful examples to try at home








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  1. Camie says:

    Looks like a fun learning book!


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