Free Kings and Queens of England cards

I made these cards a while ago for my oldest and then forgot about them until my son started asking for the Kings and Queens of England cards. So I dug them out and then thought I would post the free downloads for anyone else looking for something like this to use in their home education.

The cards list the Kings and Queens of England starting with William the Conqueror and going on until Elizabeth II. I have also included two extra blank cards in the set just in case you want to add in someone (some of you may want to include Lady Jane Grey or Harold Godwinson). And I have also created three different versions.

Version 1 – has the Kings and Queens names and the dates they ruled.

Version 2 – has the Kings and Queen names, dates and the dynasty they came from (eg Norman). This is the one we used the most, just because I like having the extra bit about the different houses that the Kings and Queens came from.

Version 3 – has only the Kings and Queen names. If your kids wanted to test themselves to see if they could remember the order this would be the set to use.

We made these cards so the kids could use them to remind themselves of the order of the Kings and Queens of England. Please feel free to download and use the cards with your own kids but they were made by us so please do not repost the documents on your site claiming they are yours, you are welcome to share the link for this post. Okay so here are the files

They are not fancy but I hope someone else finds them useful and enjoys using them with their kids.

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