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Time Hunters. Fun adventure stories with a bit of History

I have mentioned a few times that my youngest is NOT as big a history fan as his older sister but he does like reading and I discovered with the How to Train Your Dragon books – if I find … Continue reading

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Secondary History Book – Medieval Britain

In the beginning of June we were out shopping and I happened to stop at a book store to browse through some educational books for the kids. While I was paging through a few books my daughter spotted two of … Continue reading

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Decimals and Percentages workbook

Just over a month ago I wrote a post about what is included in the Schofield & Sims Fraction workbook so I thought I would follow up that post with one about what is included in the Understanding Maths: Decimals … Continue reading

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The Story of the Second World War for Children. Book Review

I must admit I have been avoiding the World Wars with the kids purely because I think they are complex, scary topics and I want to do them justice but I also don’t want to cause nightmares. Recently my daughter … Continue reading

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Fraction of a Number Domino Sets

I recently made my kids some new Fraction dominoes this time so they could practice calculating a fraction of a number (e.g. 2/5 of 150 – so the kids divide by the denominator (150 ÷ 5) and then multiple the … Continue reading

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I am trying to do more plant biology with the kids but they are not naturally that interested in plants, however I have realized that whenever we look at plants from an animal angle then both kids get involved and … Continue reading

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Understanding Maths Series. Fraction Workbook

I have already written a few posts about the Understanding maths series by Schofield & Sims. It is a set of workbooks that I started using with my oldest just over a year ago and am now using the whole … Continue reading

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