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How Mountains Are Made

After watching a Planet Earth episode my son decided he wanted to relook at how mountains are formed. So while we were at the library picking up reserved books we quickly went to search for a mountain book and he … Continue reading

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Animal Skeletons

My kids LOVE learning about animals, and one of the more unusual aspects that they both find fascinating are the skeletons of the animals, particularly which sections are common and which sections are unique to different animals.  We have looked … Continue reading

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Relaxing with Audio Books

We often go through phases with certain activities – we will have a period where we do a lot of art or spend ages gardening  and then it will switch and whatever it was that was occupying so much of … Continue reading

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Anglo-Saxon Non-Ficton Reading

The kids have loved all the Anglo-Saxon Historical Fiction books that we have been reading and although the books are very good at explaining which sections are fact and which are fictional I still wanted to reinforce some of the … Continue reading

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Maths Mystery pages from Twinkl

I have mentioned a number of times that we like to do quite a bit of Maths practice.  We realized fairly early that my daughter needed lots of maths practice so that she would be confident in maths (maths is … Continue reading

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Forces Topic pack

My youngest (eight-years old) has been revisiting Forces, well, I am not sure how much he actually remembers, so revisiting might not be the most accurate word.  But he has been rereading our Feel the force book and working through … Continue reading

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Spelling Workbook

My son definitely needs a bit more guidance with spelling compared to his older sister.  She just seems to get the sounds and spelling rules and exceptions quickly whereas I am noticing more and more with him that he needs … Continue reading

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