Physics IGCSE Workbook

I have not written that much about our Physics IGCSE resources, not sure why, possibly because I am relying on the wonderful Theater of Science so much and we really are enjoying her IGCSE Physics sessions. Every week she explains a concept, gives examples and then gets the kids to work through questions (she provides FREE worksheets) and then every week she sets “homework” which is further reading and more questions for the kids to work through.

But we are book people so we do have a few physics books that we are using along with the Theater of Science lessons and I thought it was time I started to write a few posts about those Physics books. The first one is our CGP Edexcel International Physics workbook. We have the Biology version of this workbook and I have found it very useful so when I started looking around for a Physics workbook I just thought if I would stick with the workbook series that has been working for our Biology (really a case of if it works why change it).

I want to start by stressing this is workbook – there are NO explanations of concepts. This is a straight forward write-in question book (and yes they have included all the answers).

All the Physics concepts that you need to cover for your exams have been included.

Under each section they include a nice range of questions, it is a combination of multiple choice, graphs, explanation, practical, really a good mix. They also indicate which are the harder questions (ie it will say grade 7-9 above the questions). I have been happy with the mix of questions in these books. And at the back of the book they include two practice papers (I am constantly looking for practice papers so I love that they have included 2 examples in this book).

It covers all the topics and it gives you a good range of questions but I will admit you only really get 2 pages of questions on each item. For us that is what we wanted because we are already getting lots of questions in our Theater of Science sessions but if this is you only source of questions then you may find that you want extra.

Also I will mention this is black and white and is not all colourful and pretty, but lets be honest at this stage we really are not that interested in colours, we are looking for practical and realistic.

For us this is exactly what we wanted. It is a source of good questions, with answers and they have indicated which are the harder questions and which are easier. I think it was well worth the money that I paid for it.

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