Super Simple Physics

We already have the Super Simple Biology and the Super Simple Chemistry books so I was thrilled when we received this review copy of the Super Simple Physics book.

My daughter has chosen to study both Biology and Physics for her IGCSE’s and we have been using the Super Simple Biology book as part of her reading for her Biology so I suspected we would do the same with the Super Simple Physics book, which is why I was eager to review it.

First impressions – it is set out in the same format as it’s two sister books (The Super Simple Biology and Super Simple Chemistry books). This means visually appealing pages – lots of stunning photographs and detailed illustrations which explain the concepts beautifully for visual learners. Key facts are included in a little box on each page and information is written in very concise paragraphs. Both my daughter and I find these pages inviting and we find the explanations really well worded and easy to understand.

But I must stress – this is not a student book or a workbook. This is an “extra” reading book. We look at this series as a great summary book, a book which explains concepts really well for visual learners. All concepts that the kids will cover in their Physics are in this book but it focuses on key facts and key points (there is detail and practical experiments that will be covered in their student books that are not covered in this book).

My daughter likes having more than one source for her subjects because sometimes the wording in her student book may be a bit confusing but when she turns to one of these books she will see a diagram or a slightly different worded explanation and then it will just make sense. Or she may understand the wording in her student book but possibly this book has a slightly different graph or a different illustration and by seeing that she suddenly links two concepts that she was not linking before. So for us this is part of how we learn, we use multiple sources, and we like visual representations of a concept so this just works for us.

Content wise what exactly does it cover (I thought photographs of the contents page was easier than we trying to list it out as it really is A LOT).

Okay so we have only just received this book (last week) but I have already been through it and picked out quite a few pages for my daughter to read. The pages I have picked out are based on what we have covered over the last 6 weeks and I must admit I like their explanations. They are clear. So she will be reading those as revision before we move onto out next chunk of work. But as we progress I think I will be using this book like we use the Biology one. As we start a new topic we will look for the page in the Super Simple Physics book and read it’s explanation, then we will go back to our student book and do our activities and expand on it there. Then possibly come back once we have finished the section and re-read the relevant pages as a quick wrap-up.

I really do find the Biology book incredibly useful and I am already sure this one is going to be just as useful.

You can order this book directly from DK – DK Super Simple Physics.

I have seen them at a few bookstores and you can also get them from Amazon – Super Simple Physics.

Admin – As I mentioned above I was given a review copy of this book. I already liked this series before I was given the review copy so I knew what to expect. It is NOT a paid for post.

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and recommend.

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