Collins AQA GCSE English Language and Literature Revision and Practice Workbook

We recently received a few different books from Collins and I have to admit this one actually surprised me – AQA GCSE English Language and Literature.

I was a bit sceptical before I started paging through it (not sure why) but as soon as as I started looking I was impressed with the Revision pages where they explain concepts. They were actually just what I wanted. A clear explanation – not too wordy but well explained, with key words and key points highlighted in blocks, which means they stick out. And a quick test at the bottom of each double page. Brilliant. An all-in-one revision book which the kids can read through and then verbally test themselves.

And the revision section is split into small sub-sections, so at the end of each sub-section there are 2 or 4 pages of exercises and at the end of the entire revision section they have included mixed exam style questions. And all of the answers.

I really enjoyed discovering this section, it was a total surprise to see the revision notes explaining concepts and then followed by some practice questions.

After the revision section you get the workbook section and I must admit this is what I thought the entire workbook was going to be like. But having said that even though I was expecting these workbook questions I have actually been impressed with the quality of the questions and the way the questions build and help kids develop their answers.

My daughter has already started using this workbook and what she is doing is reading the section under the revision part and then going and finding corresponding questions under the workbook part. It was entirely her doing but she likes the revision pages, she likes the explanations and she says the questions are great at building her answers.

Then after the workbook section you get a practice exam paper. We have not looked at this yet (and it will be some time before we do) but I think it will be very useful.

And if that was not enough they have included QR codes through the book which either take you to a quick quiz or a video explanation.

I have to admit I probably would not have zoomed in on this book in the bookstore but now that I have had time to page through it and my daughter has read some of the revision notes we actually think it is quite a good book to have.

We are only just starting to use our GCSE books so I will be writing progress / update posts in the upcoming months.

I have spotted this exact book in our local bookstores (both WH Smith and Waterstones), you can order it directly from Collins – AQA GCSE English Language and Literature Workbook or you can also get it direct from Amazon – Collins GCSE English Language and Literature workbook.

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