Year 9 Update

As we are part way through my daughter’s Year 9 work I thought I would give a quick update on the resources that are working for us.

Starting with Maths. I really do feel like this series has been a massive hit for us – Mastering Mathematics by Hodder Education. We are using the Book 3 Text book together with a mix of activities from both practice books. You could use just one of the practice books but I like combining them so I can challenge her in certain areas and possibly give extra practice in other areas. Honestly using this series has just made the Maths a whole lot easier.

English is quite a mix. Lots of reading and even watching movies linked into themes. We are talking a lot about genres at the moment. And linked into our genres I am still really enjoying the English Anthology series that we started using last year – we have been using the War themed anthology (which I love) and I am hoping to soon move the Dystopian Anthology. I really have become a massive fan of these English Anthologies, they have interesting activities to work through and it just makes sense to look at one type of writing at a time, to sink in and cover it and then to try another. It works for us. We are also using English units from Twinkl. At the moment we are working through a very interesting unit called English Literary Heritage Unit of Work (Into the Unknown) – it is a slightly challenging unit in some aspects but very interesting. And then the Get It Right books – we are using the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar book and the boost your Vocabulary series.

Science. We are using our Science text book together with the practice books. I have to admit that although we have both Science practice books we do tend to use the Extend practice book. With Science we are also using some of the Oaka Topic packs, matching cards and we just got a new Science game. We are also slotting in quite a bit of Science revision this year just because I want to really build more Science confidence and I think it helps if we do go back and cement some things.

History. Our Main History book is our Wilkes book – Technology, War and Independence – we really enjoy this series. Love it. But because History is a big subject for my daughter we do add in a lot of extras. We do lots of topical reading (historical fiction books), we watch lots of documentaries and movies linked to our topics and where ever possible we link in trips to places. History really has became a multi-media subject for us, in that we have found the documentaries and movies that we watch really bring the subject to life and then being able to go and walk somewhere or see something linked in to our topic (English Heritage sites, Museums etc) is like the final finishing touch.

Technology, War and Independence 1901 to present day. History book for KS3

Geography. We are using our Geog.3 book as our main book (in terms of what topics we are covering) but we are adding in our Oaka Books topic packs. I think the variety helps. I have been trying to bring in more documentaries to watch and have had some luck but not quite as much success as we are having with the History.

Starting Year 9 Geography Resource Ideas

Religious Education – we are working through our Explore RE book, slowly and just verbally (we tend to discuss what we have read and not really do written work on it). It works for us and I am finding The Explore RE book very helpful especially on religions that I don’t know that much about.

Then “extras”. Both kids are learning Latin with their dad. They do a bit every night and it is on an App with their dad explaining and helping them with pronunciation. I am not getting involved in the Latin.

We are also doing Ancient History, which is basically us reading about Ancient Civilisations. My daughter is really keen to do either Ancient History or Classical Civilisations as an IGCSE subject so this year we are just refreshing our general knowledge on the time period as a bit of prep work. Oh and Art, we still do Art but I know my daughter is not keen on Art as an exam subject so Art is becoming more of a relaxing activity instead of a subject as such – we are focusing on Art that helps her to unwind.

I feel like we have a good set of resources which are working well for our needs. I have started to look at possible Year 10/Year 11 resources (in other words GCSE / IGCSE) but I am still doing research and reading and will probably only start writing about those resources around June / July.

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