Twinkl Book Club

I have had a Twinkl membership for years, and over the years they have added a lot more content and ranges to the site and although some of it was too young for our kids so we never tested it out, some of it has been spot on, as if it was “taylor-made” for us. One of their newer “ranges” is the book club (which is included with the Ultimate membership). You actually get 6 books delivered to your door during the course of 12 months. And I have to be totally honest and admit at first I was not too sure about these Twinkl Original Books. I mean anyone can write a story but the question is being able to write a good, engaging story, one which the kids enjoy reading but one which I can also use as a springboard for learning. Now that is not easy. But these Twinkl Original stories are just that (for the purpose of this post I am going to be talking about the KS2 Stories because I have not been following the Twinkl original stories written for KS1 purely because my kids are older).

Now all the Twinkl original books that we have received are actually in an eBook format on their website. But here is the thing, my kids still enjoy reading good old-fashioned books, something that you can hold and turn the page. Yes we use devices in our house but we do limit devices and encourage books for the simple reason that we have seen our kids relax when reading a book. So having a hard-copy of these stories is actually perfect for us.

The stories are always well-written, lots of descriptive language and the topics are varied but always something that you can extend. Sometimes it’s a History topic, sometimes a Science topic and sometimes it is just a great example of creative writing. And for every book there is always a big range of resources which you can download from the site. In fact it is actually one of my son’s favourite English activities – reading a Twinkl original story and then working through the linked resources. But you don’t have to use the resources, you can just read the book and enjoy a good story.

I am a massive fan of the entire concept behind the Twinkl original stories, the linked resources and yes the physical books that arrive on your doorstep as part of the Book Club. Good quality stories are always a win. (And just in case anyone was wondering, this is Not a paid for post, I was not asked to write this, I just happen to enjoy the fact that as part of my Twinkl membership we get 6 books delivered to our doorstep each year).

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