Painting Fun for older kids

We have been having a lot of fun lately with an art project that I really stumbled upon, was not sure if I should do it, worried it might be too easy but then just went for it. And it really turned out to be a great Art activity, so I thought I would write about it……….

I had been struggling to find art activities for my oldest, she just seemed to have lost that love of art that she once had so about a month ago while I was searching online I stumbled upon some Paint by Number canvases. And spur of the moment, I called her over and asked if she would like to try one. As soon as she spotted the Tiger images she was interested. I really had no idea what to expect but I knew I wanted to find an art activity that she would enjoy so I thought – why not? I ordered her the iCoostor Paint By Numbers DIY Acrylic Painting Kit For Kids & Adults Beginner – 16” x 20” Colorful Tiger Pattern and I ordered my son the ifymei Paint By Numbers Kits , DIY Acrylic oil Painting for Kids & Adults & Beginner , Colorful Dinosaurs 16 x 20 inch Canvas – Without Frame (oh just to mention I did read up a bit before I placed the order and most people suggest ordering the ones that are already on the frames even though they are slightly more expensive. The ones that are not on the frames often get crease marks in them and then you have to get the finished product stretched onto a frame. And I must admit I am really glad we did just get the ones already on the frame just from ease of painting and storing them, it is much easier if they are already on a frame).

They arrived in a nice little box and straight away I can tell you that you get everything that you need. The picture is printed on the canvas, there are paints, brushes and a small finished picture of what the end result will look like. So apart from some water to wash your brushes in you are all set.

Well both my kids were keen so they started immediately.

They loved it. And I mean really LOVED it. My daughter told me it was relaxing and fun. She actually asked if she could paint (which from a kid who has lost that interest in ART was Huge). And it did take them quite some time to finish them (this is NOT a quick art project). But they were both determined and stuck with it and they never lost their interest or enjoyment.

The other thing I must say is they are actually a bit more challenging than I thought. My initial thought was Paint by numbers, that’s too easy, what will they learn? But the truth is without the pressure of wondering what colours to paint where, both my kids focused on brush strokes, on painting carefully and trying to get some of the really small details in. It was actually a really great brush stroke / brush control activity and one that I am really glad that we did.

And after they had finished what did my kids think? They LOVED it. Both are planning on hanging their picture up in their new bedrooms and both are thrilled with the end results.

Admittedly I did this as a way of just finding something that my oldest would enjoy but after watching her spend hours working on it and really loving it. I actually really think it was a Fantastic art project.

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