Horrible Geography Books are a Win

I really did not know what to expect when I ordered these books. I had never seen one of them before but I took a chance based on the fact that my son has really enjoyed reading the Horrible History books (and I mean REALLY ENJOYED them).

Book sets from the Books2Door website

Well, they have been a Big HIT. My son is loving them.

First of all, I am all for any book which encourages kids to read, because reading is just good for them and I want them to enjoy books and enjoy reading. So straight away the fact that he just saw the books, had a look at the covers and started reading without me even suggesting it is a win. Then the fact that after he read the first one he picked up another and another again without me saying anything is another win.

And these books are covering Geography topics (which I do at time find a bit challenging to make interesting) is another Massive win. I mean any book that makes Geography interesting and engaging and that teaches the kids facts without it being a lesson-based session is a HUGE win for me. In fact I was going through some Year 9 Geography with my daughter and he chirped up with a whole lot of relevant facts that I did not know – and it was all because he had just read the Monster Lakes book.

I have to admit my son is very good about remembering facts IF he is interested in what he is reading. If he finds something boring he will not remember one little thing but if he is chuckling, engaging with the book, wanting to read extracts to me then I know he is going to remember what he has read.

My son Highly Recommend these Books and I must confess as a home educator who sometimes struggles a bit with Geography I am LOVING these books

Just to mention my son is 10 years old (he would be in year 6 if he attended school), my oldest who is thirteen has not read these books, she has a massive pile of other books that she is currently reading so I cannot give feedback from her point of view.

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