Cupcake Case Christmas Tree Cards

There is no getting away from the fact that things are very different this year. We normally try and do days out over the Christmas break but this year that does not look like it is going to happen. So even thought we are having a break from our more structured learning activities the kids are stuck at home more than normal and we have had to rethink our normal Christmas break. Reading and movies are still on the agenda as is baking (lots of it) and some Minecraft and we are also bringing back some crafting. But crafting with a twist, we are having to use what we already have in the house without any extra dashes to the shops to buy bits and pieces.

Our first attempt was making Cupcake Case Christmas Tree cards. I have seen a few examples of people using cupcakes cases to make animals and pictures but we have never tried those (we have used cupcake cases in Collages) so this was something new for us. And the bonus was because we love and I do mean LOVE baking cupcakes we actually have quite a few cupcake cases in the kitchen cupboard. From what we could gather making cupcake case Christmas Trees is all about the way you fold the cupcake cases. So we flattened ours out and then started folding them either in half or in quarters.

cupcake cases folded

Then you need to decide how you want to layer them to get the tree effect.

Easy Christmas craft. Making Christmas tree cards with cupcake cases

We made a few with patterned cases but we also tried to make two cards with plain cases.  With the plain cupcake case Christmas trees we did feel like we needed to add something extra so our gold stars where added.

Easy Christmas craft. Making Christmas tree cards with cupcake cases

This is our first time using cupcake cases to make anything but it was fun and very easy to set up and clean up afterwards.  Plus we now have a few extra Christmas cards.

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