Drawing Minecraft Characters

My son always like to extend his interests into drawing or modelling (creating a 3D versions of some sort). He has made a massive collection of fish drawings and even created one huge picture where he did an entire underwater river scene. He has also had a blast trying to recreate his favourite dinosaurs and create a few hybrids (inspired by the Jurassic movies) so I knew he would enjoy getting a How to Draw Minecraft book (very kindly given to him by some friends for a recent birthday).

How to draw for Minecrafters. A step by step easy guide.

This book (How to Draw for Minecrafters A Step by Step Easy Guide: Sketch Book for Kids 8 to 14/Practice How to Draw Book for Kids (Unofficial Minecraft Book)) is set out with double pages for each characters. (They have included 42 characters). The first page shows step by step how to create the characters and the second page is a blank page for the kids to try and draw their characters.

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The book is aimed at kids between 8 and 14 years so they do not start with very basic elements – ie it is not draw this line and then add this line. It is more draw a shape and then add extra shapes onto it. Also as Minecraft is basically blocks, the characters are 3D shapes so it does help if the kids have an understanding of how to draw a basic square or rectangle in 3D. But that being said my son has found all of the steps easy enough to follow and is quickly building up his own collection of Minecraft characters.

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For us, books like this are the starting point that the kids need to build up a bit of confidence and then they always end up going off and creating their own versions. With just a bit of time and practice I know my son is going to end up creating a lot of different Minecraft scenes with the aid of some of these characters.

My son recommends this book for other kids who enjoy creating their own pictures of the games that they play.

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How to draw for Minecrafters


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