Animal Craft craziness

I printed off these Free animal colouring pages (Twinkl) a while ago and they have been lying around the house.  So when my daughter asked me if we could do some crafts together, considering I had only slept for a few hours the night before I honestly could not think of anything except for collages.  I suggested it and she immediately started gathering goodies from our art supplies. I grabbed my animal pages and she was off.  I must confess I never expected her to go so crazy and do so many.   Hopefully all the photos below might give you some ideas, so if you are ever as tired as I felt then hey maybe you will remember these and get your kiddies to craft while you sit and drink cup after cup after cup of tea (or coffee).

The parrots seemed to be big hit.  The first one is using feathers from a craft store and the buttons are from the Go Create range in Tesco.

Parrott mosaic using craft feathers and buttons included in the animal mosaic post on ofamilyblog

This version has cupcake cases as the feathers on the wings, the yellow ribbon is also from Tesco and the pink feathers and tissue paper a craft store.

Animal collage craft made using a free to dwonload colouring pages and some basic crafting goodies

And our 3rd parrot had pom poms.

parrot mosaic using pom pomsAlso a robin (we have a few who visit us in the garden so the kids want to hang this one up).  This was oil pastels with some small craft feathers added.

Easy animal collage a robin, made using a free to download animal colouring page as a template

I think this might be my favourite – the Rooster.  I love the colours and way the cupcake cases give so much movement in the tail.

Animal craft activity, a Rooster mad using tissue paper and cupcake cases with a free to download colouring page from Twinkl

The peacock below was a joint attempt (after my tea had kicked in).  I was just going to colour it in but my daughter insisted it needed some feathers and tissue paper.

Animal collage craft,a peacock, easy for young kids to do at home and you can use art supplies that you have

Yes slight bird obsession.

But two minibeasts also made the cut.

The ladybird is shredded paper and pom poms with some pipe cleaners for the legs.

Animal collages a ladybird made using tissue paper, pom-poms and some pipe cleaners

The Spider was more colouring with oil pastels and just some pipe cleaners added for the legs but I love the end result so had to include it (she is just starting to play around with the idea of making her colour darker on the outlines and lighter in the middle, it is still a new idea for her).

animal colouring page from Twinkl the spider added some pipe cleaners for the legs

And the giraffe.  Again our trusty oil pastels and this time some craft gems.

Animal collage a giraffe, easy activity for children to do at home using a free to download colouring page

She wants to try to do a crocodile tomorrow.  So I have dyed some pasta green for her and it is just busy drying tonight (we mixed the pasta with food colouring and some vinegar in a zip lock bag).

And in-between all of this mosaic craziness she still had time to help her dad in the garden and surprise me with this giant earthworm.

earthworm from the garden

animals on ofamilyblogEasy animal craft activity for children. Made using free to download colouring pages as the basic templates



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