Easter Maths from Twinkl Resources

Since it will be the Easter weekend soon I thought it would be nice to find some fun, Easter themed, where possible puzzly type maths pages for the kids. In past years when the kids where younger I found a number of great Easter Maths activities on Twinkl (they have a lot for Key Stage 1 ages – that cheeky Easter bunny ) so I thought I would start there and see what I can find for slightly older years.

When I started searching, I immediately went to their Maths Mystery sets to see if they had any interesting looking Easter ones (we are huge fans of the Maths Mystery series). I found a few and checked to see if any were revising the Maths activities that I specifically had in mind – and I found two that ticked the right boxes for us.

The Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume – looked like it would be good for general lower key stage 2 practice.

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And the Mystery of the Contaminated Chocolate included simple solving for x and some coordinates which where two things I was wanting to practice if possible.

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I also remembered I had once printed off a code breaking page to do with simplifying factions and we have recently covered that with my youngest so I searched for Easter simplifying fractions and found it – Easter Code Breaking Simplifying fractions (both of mine always enjoy working out some wort of coded message)

Code Breaker by simplifying fractions

If your kids also like the idea of code breaking pages I did also spot some Easter ones for – multiplication, sequences and 24 hour clock which might be interesting.

I also found a colour by simplifying fractions page, which they took me on a quick colour by worksheet search and I spotted some colour by division pages and a colour by sum Easter egg page in their Secondary section – which had negative numbers included.

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We have also recently revised coordinates so I thought some Easter coordinate pages would be good. I found a bunch – Egg in one quadrant, Easter pictures in four quadrants that all looked interested but I really wanted something that includes translations and I found this one – Easter Coordinates with translations.

Easter coordinates and translations from Twinkl Resources

And finally I know this is not a Maths page but while I was searching the Secondary section I spotted this Easter Egg Hunt page where the kids need to name the countries and I am 100% slipping this page in so here is the link – Atlas Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg Hunt - name the country

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