2020 Calendar

After a bit of an unscheduled break over the past month I am trying to catch up on some planning so I thought I would share the link for my Calendar pages that I print out and keep on my desk as my personal reminder of what is going on.

I am using the 2020 Planning Pages from Activity Village. It is one month per page and they always include at least 2 versions of each month so you can select the colour/theme that suits you. (There tends to always be one page for Northern Hemisphere and one for the Southern Hemisphere.)

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For my uses I simply create two holes at the top and tie the pages together with a colourful ribbon. Then I jot down all the activities that we have signed up for – everything from one-off workshops to our weekly classes. I also include planned trips that we want to do with the kids (like English Heritage sites) and possibly holidays.

2020 Calendar pages from Activity Village

This year we are also including some of our own deadlines – my daughter wants to do a yearlong project which needs to be completed by a set date so to help keep us on track we are creating our own mini-deadlines for when we want to have certain stages completed. Just our way of making sure we stay on top of the project and don’t leave everything to last month.

I used the 2019 pages last year and I must admit I used them for the whole year – which was a first for me – in the past I have printed out planning pages and then changed part way through the year. So as straight forward an idea as it may sound having a hard copy lying on my desk really worked well.

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  1. Camie says:

    Way to be organized! 🙌🏻


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