Times Tables workbooks

I was recently asked if there was a times table workbook that I recommend. And for me that is a slightly tricky answer because I have discovered what worked with my oldest has not suited my youngest. Plus we tend to do a mix of more activities/ games (using dice, skip counting cards etc), with some pages off websites and a few from workbooks. 

skip counting and times table folding cards from Activity Village

Just to mention the skip counting cards and time table cards in the photo above are from Activity Village. In the example above he is doubling the 3 times to get to the 6 times.

So I thought I would share 4 different times table workbooks that we have at home – give a quick break-down of what they cover and share a few photos and then you, the reader can have a better idea of what the options are.

Starting with the Learn Your Times Tables 1: KS1/KS2 Maths, Ages 5-8. Now this workbook focuses on 2x, 10x, 5x, 3x and 4x ONLY. And it includes lots of repetitive sums. Some might need this line after line practice but other kids might find it a bit much.

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Then Times Tables Tests 1: KS1/KS2 Maths, Ages 5-8. This also only focuses on 2x, 5, 10x, 3x and 4x. But we found the examples included in the “tests” more varied. I found this suited my son a lot more than the first one just because it was not line after line of repetitive sums. (And yes these are written as tests but we often use so called tests as just normal practice pages).

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Then moving onto other times tables we have the Times Tables Practice Book 2: KS2 Maths, Ages 7-11. This starts with the 6x (7 pages) goes onto the 8x, then 9x, 7x, 11x and 12x (and each one is about 6/7 pages long). We found this a combination of match the sum to the answer type pages, straight forward sums and a number of story sums.  I really liked the little story sums that they included in this book because I want the kids to understand when to apply their times tables.

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We also have the Progress with Oxford: Multiplication, Division and Fractions Age 7-8.  This is more a combination workbook (i.e.  not only times table) but there are some useful pages in it so I thought I would include it.  It starts with 3x, 4x and 8x tables and then goes onto more multiplication sums.  Showing different ways to break down multiplication sums (we like this). Then some division and onto fractions – identifying fractions, calculating equivalent fractions, basic adding and comparing of fractions.  It is what I would consider a revision type workbook, so not lots of practice for each concept but a handy little workbook and one my son has actually enjoyed using.

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These are 4 examples of different times table workbooks that I had in our house.  This is NOT an AD

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