What about Social Skills ?

One of the questions home educators often get asked is what about social skills? Surely keeping your child out of a class fill of kids their own age will mean they lack social skills?

My answer ………………..

Today after my son’s sports class his coach came up to me to tell me how proud she was of him. In the class a younger girl (someone he does not know) was struggling with the activities and a few of the other kids started laughing at her. But my son left what he was doing and went to help her. He showed her how to do the activity and then stayed with her and helped her throughout the rest of the class. No one asked me to do this, he just did it.  When I asked me about it he said to me – “she needed a friend”.  That was it.  Nothing more just she needed a friend.

So am I worried that my kids are not going to learn social skills – NO I AM NOT.

Siblings reading aloud together

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