Relaxing with Audio Books

We often go through phases with certain activities – we will have a period where we do a lot of art or spend ages gardening  and then it will switch and whatever it was that was occupying so much of time will suddenly seem to fade away for a bit.  The past 2 weeks our love of audio books seems to have come around again.

It started by accident, I mistakenly reserved the audio Viking Boy book instead of the actual book, so we ended up borrowing both from our local library and I am so glad we did.  The audio book really captivated my son, he loved the voices and the way in which the story was retold.  He loved it.  And after listening to just the first disc I noticed he was trying to read his books with more expression and some cool voices.  I really loved this because my son has a tendency to read and speak quickly but  when he is tries to use more expression he slows down.

The success of the Viking Boy Audio book prompted me to dig out our Michael Morpurgo audio book collection and we started to listening to some of those gems.  And they really are gems.  Both my kids have enjoyed listening to them and I must admit so have I.

I actually LOVE the audio books for the simple reason that I get to sit back and enjoy the story with the kids.  And I must admit it has become such a peaceful session for me, I really find it relaxing sitting there just listening, in a way it is so luxurious for me because I don’t need to do anything but sit and listen.

And while we are listening to the stories the kids will often work on a drawings or a colouring page – oh  I really do love these relaxing little sessions.

audio books

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  1. Camie says:

    My son and I listen to audio books in the car. It’s fun to share that time together and I’m enjoying the voices!

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