Fun Skeletons

The kids don’t know much about The Day of the Dead but they did have a childhood storybook which they loved –Funnybones: A Bone Rattling Collection – and ever since then whenever they have seen Day of the Dead colouring pages/ crafting activities they have always thought of it as a fun version of Funnybones.  My son especially remembers the skeletons as being very funny so he is always really keen to do any fun skeleton pages.

So when we spotted the new Day of the Dead colouring pages on the Activity Village website I knew my little guy was going to like them.  And he did.

Colouring in a Day of the Dead page from Activity Village

He and his sister did a number of different colourful masks.

Day of the Dead colouring pages from Activity Village

And because we have been doing quite a bit of  drawing lately we thought it might be fun to design some bodies to go with the masks.  My little guy went for a Day of the Dead combination with the BFG (yes The BFG – his explanation – I think when he says he combined the BFG into his picture he is referring to the size of the drawing).

Drawing a body to go with the Day of the Dead head

And his sister decided to stick to the skeleton theme and design a skeleton for her mask.

Drawing a skeleton to go with the Day of the Dead colouring mask

It actually proved to be a really fun drawing activity and I especially liked that the kids got to draw larger than normal  – we normally stick to drawing on A4 or A3 size pieces of paper but for this I unrolled some paper over our kitchen table.  I used to love creating art that was bigger than expected, there is just something about drawing or painting on  a super sized piece of paper that adds an extra fun element – my kids seemed to agree – the bigger size is fun.  The only problem is storing the larger pieces of art.

Skeleton to go with the Day of the Dead colouring page from Activity Village

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Fun Skeleton Activity.  Draw a skeleton for the Day of the Dead pictures.  Pictures from Activity Village

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