Free book activities from the Oxford University Press website

I have mentioned a few times that we have two little bookworms in our house – they love their books and I love encouraging their reading and finding fun activities based on books that they have enjoyed.  We were recently reading the Magical Kingdom of Birds: Sleepy Hummingbirds which has a colouring-in picture on the inside cover page (part of the story is that the girl has a magical colouring-in book) but there is one picture and I have two kids so I emailed Oxford University Press to ask if there was a printout of the picture available.  There is.  And their PR person kindly pointed me in the direction of their library of FREE to download book resources. – OUP library of FREE Book resources.

Free to download the Magical Kingdom of Birds colouring page

We immediately spotted the Bee Boy fact sheet and the How to draw Bee Boy page (My son loves Bee Boy it was one of the first chapter books that he read).

Free to download interesting fact page from the Bee Boy book

We also spotted a crossword based on the New Adventures of Mr Toad.

Free to download crossword for Mr Toad's new Adventures

And this stunning pack – 27 pages – of Dahl Dictionary activities.  Now I must admit straight away the Roald Dahl Dictionary activity set does make reference back to the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary.  We don’t have the dictionary but after looking through the pages I realized that we could still do a lot of the activities so we printed out a bunch.  I love this set, there are some super English activities in here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If your kids enjoy some of the OUP story books I highly recommend you have a quick look on their site and see if there are any activities that might interest you.  They are all FREE to download and range from colouring, crafting to crosswords and activities that support their English Language learning.

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